You've done it for Amaar! In 48 hours, you've funded his career-saving surgery, and he can't thank you enough

Alty fans, take a bow! You have long been renowned for looking after your own in times of need, but you really have excelled yourselves this time.
On Friday, we revealed the plight of young Amaar Hussain and launched a Crowdfunder aimed at covering the cost of urgently-needed surgery on the 18-year old Alty attacker's injured anterior cruciate ligament.
Forty-eight hours later, an overwhelmed but overjoyed Amaar was able to announce that the money had been raised - all £8,450 of it!
What a stupendous effort by all concerned - Alty fans in the main, needless to say, but others as well who were simply moved by the account of the courage Amaar has shown all his life and wanted to help.
No-one was surprised by the initial response when we launched the appeal on Friday, given the Alty Family's track record for rallying round when called on, but everyone at the club was truly blown away when the target was reached on Sunday afternoon, not least Amaar, who expressed his heartfelt gratitude by tweeting:
'Wow, truly lost for words - it has only been two days and we have reached the goal. I can't say how thankful and grateful I am to everyone who has shown support and donated.'
Little wonder he was rendered speechless. In the space of 48 hours, Alty's teenage prospect has gone from fretting about his future to booking a career-saving operation that will restore him to full fitness and enable him to resume playing later this year.
With the surgery due to take place shortly, his dad Waseem also spoke from the heart, as he reacted to the news that funds are now in place to combat the latest threat to Amaar fulfilling his dreams. following a couple of health scares earlier in his life.
'The love and support Amaar has received over the weekend of the appeal for his operation has been emotional, to say the least,' he said. 'At a point in his young life when it was so badly needed, he realised just how much he is truly loved.
'Away from Amaar’s talent, which has been highlighted so much through this, what has been missing is the fact that Amaar is one of the most beautiful souls you could meet and know.
'He is a model professional. Essentially he is a Professional Club's dream. Alty, his parent club, will vouch for that.
'We, as a family, can not state how touched and moved we are by you all. And regardless of how sad Amaar’s story may be, I have taught both my sons to always turn negatives into positives. 
'Through this, Amaar has realised more than ever the gift of giving and taking.
'And I promise you all that, if Amaar does truly reach his potential, as I have been saying since he was five years old that he will, he will help others in the way he has been helped here today.
'Because, from the age of five, I have witnessed Amaar do things on a football pitch that he had no right to do. He is truly a natural talent, and natural talent can’t be taught; you learn from it.
'All Amaar ever wanted was a platform. And he got that at Altrincham FC. But, more importantly, he now has a platform from you all who have donated to hopefully continue to reach for the stars.
'So from the bottom of mine, his Mum’s, and his brother’s hearts.
Thank you.
Truly, thank you.'
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