Joseph's Challenge - No Limits - Week 8

DURING week eight of Joseph's Challenge - No Limits - Joseph was invited to the Community Sports' weekly session of walking football at the J.Davidson Stadium.

Known at the club for being a hugely competitive group, the lads, who've already generously donated to Joseph's Challenge - No Limits, were delighted to welcome Joseph to the Community Sports Hall for their usual Wednesday game.

Community Coach Matty Phillips, who runs the session, said: "The group's an incredibly friendly and very competitive bunch, and they loved having Joseph down for the session.

"We are all fully behind his challenge, we're following it with interest and we all wish him the very best with his training and the Challenge."

More information on walking football and Joseph's session this week can be found on the Altrincham FC Community Sports website here

Next week is another big one for Joseph, as he travels to Germany to watch England take on Slovenia at Euro 2024 before heading for our Business Club Breakfast at the J.Davidson Stadium as special guest with dad Phil.

Don't forget, if you're interested in joining Joseph on his 10th and final 10k of the 'No Limits' Challenge on September 1st, entries are open for the Altrincham 10k which goes right past the J.Davidson Stadium.

To support Joseph in his challenge click here to donate.

To make a general donation to Altrincham FC Community Sports click here.

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