John King funeral details

John King's family have been in touch with the club to inform us of funeral details for the legendary former Altrincham skipper and manager and also to express heartfelt thanks for all the tributes that have been paid since his death was announced.

By common consent, John was THE iconic figure in the club's history, an inspirational presence on the pitch and dynamic figure off it, and there was an outpouring of intense sorrow, mixed with fond memories, when he passed away last week.

His family wish it to be known that his funeral will be on Thursday March 2nd at St Oswald's Church, near The Rocket at the Liverpool end of the M62, at 10.30am, and then at Springwood Crematorium in Allerton.

There will then be drinks and food at the Devonshire Hotel on Edge Lane, and the family have told us that "everybody will be welcome to come", adding "plus, thank you for all the kind words being sent from all…. regards the King Family".

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