Coffee (or Tea!) Mornings at Alty

There is nothing Altrincham Football Club loves more than opening its doors and welcoming people.

With that in mind, The Armstrong Projects VP Lounge is going to be open from 11am to 1.30pm every Wednesday offering a warm drink in a warm space. Starting on Wednesday October 5th, everybody is welcome to come down and there will be friendly faces and plenty of opportunities to chat.

Director Sam Mackenzie said: "With the cost of living crisis at the front of people’s minds at the moment, this Winter may feel daunting for many. This is open to everybody and these mornings are simply an opportunity for people to come and have a hot drink and sweet treat on us, in a warm space."

"The local community is the very heart of our club and with the support of our volunteers, the AFC Community, J.Davidson who are kindly sponsoring the initiative along with McHale&Co who are helping out too, we hope that our hospitality will ease just a small amount of the burden people are facing."

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank J.Davidson for their support and anybody and everybody is welcome to come down next Wednesday onwards!

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AFC Fleece Scarf

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