Alty fan with incurable cancer adds to his incredible fundraising efforts

Written by guest columnist Joe Ward

Tony Collier was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced prostate cancer in 2017 and was told he may only have two years to live. 

However, five years on and his cancer has been brought down to complete stability. 

He believes on top of his tremendous response to treatment, a lot is thanks to his passion for exercise, which includes him running 5k everyday to help raise money for charity. 

Tony Collier (left) pictured with Phil Thompson (right)

Tony Collier (left) pictured with Jeff Stelling (right)

Image credits: Tony Collier

Tony will now also join hundreds of football fans on the Greater Manchester ‘Football March’, which will start here at Alty FC and finish at the home of Manchester City tomorrow!

It’s one of four walking marathons which will take place across the country that week to help raise money for prostate cancer UK, finishing in the capital on the 25th.

Tony explained the importance of charity events such as the ‘Football March’ saying: “Fundraising events like this are important because it will help develop new drugs that will buy me more time to spend with my grandkids when my current treatment stops working.” 

The 65-year-old has previously raised around £40,000 for prostate cancer UK and took part in a similar event last year known as ‘Jeff Stelling’s March for Men’. 

Tony described the event by saying: “It’s 26 miles, it’s quite a challenge but it tends to go at a very steady pace (3mph). There’s plenty of breaks where you can get tea, coffee, and lunch. It’s superbly guided by the organisers, keeping everyone safe with road crossings, it’s very well organised. 

“People should do their best to get some practice walks in beforehand but thankfully it’s a relatively slow pace and there’s no major hills to climb.

“Wherever it ends there’s usually hot food provided. All told it should be a really good day!” 

After attending his first game at Alty in 1966, Tony has now purchased a new season ticket and is ‘really looking forward to it’ going on to say: “Football is a means of escapism to get away from the day-to-day horrors of living with incurable cancer.

“I also get to meet people at the ground, and we get on well. You can grab a beer beforehand which is a nice way to relax as well.” 

If you wish to join Tony on the walk to help beat prostate cancer along with hundreds of others you can sign up here.

A minimum target of £350 is recommended, however, there are prizes to be won for those who go above and beyond. 

Additionally, Tony is currently undergoing a yearlong fundraiser, running 5k every day. If you wish to donate to his just giving you can do so by clicking the link here.
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