Phil Parkinson on Chris Conn-Clarke's move

Words Phil Parkinson | Picture Jonathan Moore

IT'S the statement no Alty fan wanted to hear but all knew was coming. Yes I’m afraid to say Chris Conn-Clarke has moved on.

It’s a very proud moment for myself, the outgoing Rob Esteva, Neil and all the staff who are all involved with the recruitment and development of a player to see them move on to bigger and better things. 

That’s why we’re all in this job, I’d like to think all the lads who come through this Football Club go away nine times out of ten better players and most importantly to me better people. 

Good people make for good players! 

All Chris has needed is a manager who was willing to build a team around him. Once he had the structure and the belief was back, his ability was there for everyone to see. 

He’s had a huge year, him and his partner Daisy have had their second child; Delilah-Rose. He won almost every non-league award going, but the most prestigious one for me was the National League Player of the Season. He then secured his move to the perfect team who have a track record of developing young non-league players and moving them on again. 

The club will get a decent fee and be recognised as a place that helps people develop, get back on track and progress. Everyone wins, exactly how it should be. 

Good luck CCC!
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