The Fight within the Fighter - supporting Amaar Hussain

Amaar Hussain faced adversity often enough in his early years but never let it jeopardise his dream of making the grade as a professional footballer.

Born with a kidney condition that necessitated frequent hospital visits as an infant, he had to contend with life-threatening pneumonia as a small child and acute appendicitis in his teens.

Each time, he pulled through with a clean bill of health and a renewed determination to prove he had what it takes as a footballer, a mission he accomplished last summer when he featured in Altrincham’s first-team squad.

He’s a lad who can fight his own battles, all right, but even he admits he needs help with his latest one.

On dual registration with Alsager Town recently, he felt a pain in his knee and sensed something was wrong. So it proved. A scan confirmed his worst fears; damage to an anterior cruciate ligament that needed urgent surgery.

With the recuperation period estimated at between nine and 12 months, time is of the essence for booking him in, but it’s not quite so straightforward.

While senior Alty players under contract are covered for medical expenses by the PFA, our highly-promising 18-year old attacker faces funding an £8,450 career-saving operation out of his own pocket.

As ever with any player pulling on an Alty shirt, the club will stand by him every step of the way, starting with the creation of a crowdfunding appeal aimed at covering the cost and beginning the recovery process as soon as possible.

You can donate here, and every contribution will help hasten the return of one of Alty’s brightest young talents, a born fighter who only ever wanted an opportunity he has grabbed with both hands at The J.Davidson Stadium.

In welcoming the appeal, Amaar’s proud dad detailed the courage that has served his son so well and backed him to beat his latest setback by writing:

“Amaar was born with a kidney complaint and spent most of his early days in and out of MRI children’s hospital, so he learned how to fight at a very young age.

At four years old, he fell ill with pneumonia, and, for weeks at Stepping Hill Hospital, it was touch and go. We almost lost him. He showed us all again a desire to survive. A desire to fight.

Then began his desire to fight on a football pitch. From the age of five, he displayed a talent that was truly rare, and from the age of seven to nine, he excelled in a grass roots team.

At 15, he was scouted by AFC Fylde, but, once again, he had to fight after being rushed to hospital with appendicitis. We were told a minute later and he probably would not have made it.

Soon after, his story with Altrincham FC began, with a two-year scholarship under Neil Sorvel at the club. The first year was lost to Covid but, in the second, Amaar truly blossomed.

Showing true leadership on the pitch, he finished the season with his Academy team as champions and had the personal honour of being top goal scorer and providing most assists.

As one of six Academy graduates given professional terms for Altrincham’s history-making full-time era, Amaar’s potential and talent was rewarded by Phil Parkinson.

Amaar has always been feared by opposition players and praised by opposition managers, but now he finds himself having to fight again for that to continue. Sadly, he has sustained a serious injury in the form of a snapped ACL in his left knee, and unfortunately not having insurance in place, he needs a helping hand that I hope this crowdfunding appeal will provide.

Amaar is a fighter; always has been and always will be. He will fight his way back from this setback. But he just needs a little assistance this time, and I know he will want to thank you from the bottom of his heart if you can help him secure the operation he needs in order to start his battle of rehabilitation."

All my love, regards and thanks.

Waseem Hussain,

Amaar’s dad

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