Who are Altrincham Football Club?
Altrincham Football Club, the most successful non-league club in England and until recently the highest-ranked part-time club in the country currently compete in the 5th tier of English football - the National League.

Why do Altrincham Football Club need investment?
We have a long-term plan for sustainable growth, with ambitions of promotion to the Football League. To do that while significantly increasing our touch points with our local community we need to raise funds. Unlike many clubs that may look for investment to pay down existing debt, we are debt-free and therefore money raised can be directly used for investment in infrastructure, in our community engagement and the squad itself. The Alty for All campaign aims to give our fans a chance to own part of their club, or even for fans of football to own a part of one of the most historic non-league clubs in the country and help take us to the next stage of our history.

What am I pre-registering for?
You are pre-registering to get priority access to Altrincham FC's equity fundraise. Pre-registered supporters can ensure they will be able to particIpate in the campaign. If we exceed are targets in the pre-registration and private phases the campaign may not reach the public phase meaning you may miss the opportunity if you are not pre-registered.

Will I be an official shareholder?
Yes, you will be making an equity investment into Altrincham Football Club via Seedrs.

Will my shares change in value?
If the club is successful in continued growth and possible promotions the shares would potentially rise in value. There is still a risk that the shares may not rise in value.

Can I sell my shares? / How do I sell my shares?
Selling shares in private companies can be difficult. A benefit Seedrs offers is a secondary market to sell shares. There is not guarantee that the shares will sell on the secondary market.

Is the shareholder certificate an official document?
You will receive an official investment document through Seedrs. Altrincham FC will issue commemorative share certificates that investors can display.

Do I have any responsibilities as a shareholder?
You do not have any additional responsibilities as a shareholder. Seedrs acts as the nominee investor on behalf of the participants and will be responsible for any additional shareholder requirements the club needs.

Do I have any voting power as a shareholder?
As the nominee Seedrs will vote on behalf of the investor group. You are the beneficial owner of the shares with full economic interest in them.

Am I liable for anything once I have invested in the football club?

Can I invest more at a later date?
If the club chooses to raise additional funds through an equity offering at a future date, existing shareholders will be given the opportunity to invest.

Can I invest in Altrincham Football Club outside of the Seedrs platform?
For larger investment amounts it may be possible to make an investment outside of Seedrs. Please contact scott@altrinchamfootballclub.co.uk.

What is the minimum I will be able to invest in Altrincham Football Club?
Through the Seedrs platform the minimum investment amount will be GBP10.

What will my investment be used for?
Investment will be used to support the growth initiatives identified in a recent strategic review of the football club. Over the past few seasons, the current board have overseen excellent growth in commercial, retail and matchday revenues, alongside well documented progression on the pitch. To realise the vision set out in the strategic review, the board will use the investment to support further growth, improvements to the matchday experience as well as delivering capital investment projects.

Does the club have any debt that my investment will be used to pay off?
The club holds no long term debt and will not be using any funds to pay debt.

Will I qualify for free match tickets as a shareholder?
Certain levels of investment will come with additional rewards, tickets may be part of this.

Are the shares for Seedrs the non Voting shares that were gifted to the club by John King five years ago?
No – these are not the shares that were converted to Voting shares after John King’s donation. Those shares have been bought by members of the Altrincham FC Board of Directors and sold to new investors. These are now part of the share issue of 232,000 A Ordinary shares, the majority of which is owned by your Board.

Where have these Seedrs shares come from then?
These shares are a brand-new category of shares, and we have called them B Ordinary Shares to differentiate from the existing shares. The board presented a motion to approve issue of these new shares at the 2021 Altrincham FC AGM and the shareholders voted overwhelmingly to approve the motion. The issue of these new shares will account for around 20 – 25% of the overall shareholding and therefore do not risk loss of control. We will share more detailed information on this as we move through the Seedrs process.