Welcome to Alty Atlantic Timber, our brand new main stand sponsors!

Words by John Edwards

Picture by Jonathan Moore

Altrincham are delighted to announce another exciting tie-up with one of the success stories of the local business world after Broadheath-based Atlantic Timber agreed to become the new sponsors of the club's main stand.

With immaculate timing, the new sign bearing Atlantic Timber's name was delivered and fitted across the top of the stand earlier this week, enabling the managing director of our latest backers, Martin Buckle, to admire the lettering - in red and white, appropriately enough - in the company of Director of Partnerships and Sponsors Sam Mackenzie at the club's Open Day at The J.Davidson Stadium.

In thanking previous main stand sponsors FootyAccumulators.Com for their support, Sam (pictured with Martin on the main news page) extended the warmest of welcomes to Atlantic Timber by saying: "You often get a sense from a business that if they partner with us it's going to be a pretty perfect fit - and that is certainly the case with Atlantic Timber.

"I have been wanting them to be involved with our club for quite a while, and I am delighted the partnership is now up and running.

"The similarities between Altrincham Football Club and Atlantic Timber are numerous, from values and longevity to being community-minded in business and in local initiatives. We both pride ourselves in being professional in the level of service we provide and there is a certain alignment in the success we have both achieved!

"Martin and I spent some time considering the best fit for the partnership when, in a light bulb moment, it occurred to us that the main stand would be perfect. We share the same red and white colours, for one thing, the brand is strong and the new Atlantic Timber sign will sit proudly over everything that happens out on the pitch.

"To say the least, I am beyond proud of this new signing."


*Martin is flanked by Alty Co-Chairman Bill Waterson (left) and Chief Executive Officer John Williams in front of the magnificent new Atlantic Timber sign.

As indicated by Sam, Atlantic Timber have long since been pillars of Altrincham's thriving business community, family-owned ever since their inception no fewer than 42 years ago and stitched firmly into the fabric of the local DIY and construction industry.

Like Alty, their doors are open to everyone. Whether it be DIY enthusiasts, joiners, builders, landscapers, furniture manufacturers, shop and office fitters or anyone else requiring helpful advice and quality merchandise, there is always a friendly face ready to oblige.

Atlantic Timber, based in Atlantic Street in Broadheath, have a reputation that is based on friendly and knowledgeable customer service and advice, as well as a commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome for any construction project, no matter how large or small.

Apart from the personal touch from ever-willing staff, there is also, readily available, one of the widest ranges of timber and timber-based products in the area, with a strong emphasis on quality.

There's unrivalled cutting and machining capabilities in the company's state-of-the-art workshop, most of which can be done while a customer waits. Whether it’s run-of-the-mill timber or specialist decorative products, it's all in a day's work at Atlantic Timber, where the staff's can-do philosophy enables them to rise to any challenge.

Proud managing director Martin, who is also President of the Altrincham & Sale Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the opportunity to forge close links with the Robins and described his own family footballing pedigree by saying:

"Professional football is in my blood - my grandad played for Manchester United and Everton in the 1940s and my dad was also a promising footballer who had trials at United but didn’t quite make it to professional level.

"Unfortunately for me, the talent was diluted down the generations, and Sunday league was as far as I ever got! I’ve got two young sons and a nine-month old daughter, so I guess time will tell if they turn out to be good players, though the early signs from my five-year old are encouraging!

"When I’m not selling wood, being President of the local Chamber of Commerce or entertaining my three children, I like to get out on my motorbike and head for the twisty roads of the Peak District to get my petrol head fix!

"Being such a long-standing member of Altrincham’s business community, I'm just delighted at now being associated with one of the town's other great institutions, Alty FC.

"It’s such a pillar of the community, and we’re proud to partner with the club. We share a similar community ethos, helping the community with donations to local schools and other charities on a regular basis.

"I see Atlantic Timber as a bit of an underdog, up against the big national merchants, but we managed to see off B&Q after they had been our next-door neighbours for 25 years, so when you think of Alty's renown as the game's greatest giantkillers, it's clear we were always meant to be partners!

"Add to that our matching red-and-white colour schemes, and the stars really have aligned. We’re a great match, and I'm absolutely delighted it has happened and excited about the season ahead."

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