Meet Add People, digital marketing's finest and Alty through and through

Add People know the score when it comes to digital marketing, and it's down to their generosity that Altrincham fans know the score every time a Robins goal hits the back of the net at The J.Davidson Stadium.

At Alty, we never tire of expressing our heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable help provided by our long list of partners, and that backing comes in many guises.

In the case of Add People, their first act of support came within weeks of our partnership with them being announced when they kindly agreed to finance the construction of a brand new electric scoreboard in the corner of the ground, between the Venditan away end and the Benchmark Pop Side terraces.

It was up and running in time for the England C's game against Wales on March 21st 2023 and the Robins' 1-0 win over Southend United four days later, and it has continued to display messages and up-to-date scores for an appreciative audience of home and away fans ever since.

It is one of several ways Add People have demonstrated an ever-ready willingness to get behind the club and help in any way they can, and we are delighted to turn the spotlight on them today as the latest subjects of our weekly Partners in Focus feature.

Based little more than a goal-kick away from The J.Davidson Stadium, opposite Stamford Park, Add People are a thriving digital marketing agency specialising in budget-friendly campaigns that are designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses grow.

Since starting out in 2002, they have flourished and grown to the extent that they currently have a team of over 250 experts helping to drive traffic online to thousands of businesses all over the world.

Partnerships have been forged with all the biggest names, from Google and Facebook to Microsoft and American Express, meaning they know everything there is to know about connecting with customers online and helping businesses to grow and expand.

They're a success story, all right, and a glance down Moss Lane at the way promotions have been achieved and status transitioned seamlessly from part-time to fully professional was enough to convince them they had a kindred spirit in the shape of Alty, one well worth aligning themselves with as partners.

As well as a shared ambition to keep improving, Add People and the Robins are also equally committed to serving the interests of the local community, as underlined by last year's successful installation of an LED-powered scoreboard that enhances the match day experience for supporters.

Reflecting on a partnership that continues to go from strength to strength, Add People Chief Marketing Officer Peter Marshall commented: “Firstly, we would like to congratulate the club on confirming their place in the Vanarama National League play-offs this season - everyone at Add People is rooting for the club and we sincerely hope promotion is achieved to the Football League.

"We are extremely proud to be partnered with Altrincham FC. The work they do on and off the pitch plays a vital role in our local community and the positive impact they have on local residents is something we are dedicated to supporting.

"Our initial aim with funding the new scoreboard was to enhance the match day experience for supporters and open up new opportunities for the club going forward - and we certainly feel this has been achieved. 

"We are excited to continue our partnership and explore more ways we can support the club, fans, and local community in the future.”

Alty are just as enamoured with a partnership that is flourishing, Interim Chief Executive Sam Mackenzie saying: “Add People are our neighbours, they attend games en masse and support us in many ways. Commercial partners excite me the most when there is potential for longevity. I know our relationship will continue to grow and I see a future with more to come.” 

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