J.Davidson, unstinting supporters of local sport, we salute you

IT isn't easy doing justice to the contribution J.Davidson make to the local community - they are, quite simply, unrivalled for championing the cause of all-inclusive sporting excellence in the Altrincham area.

We are among the beneficiaries, here at Altrincham FC, and we are immensely grateful for a level of backing that embraces all areas of the club, from the men's team and women's section to community activities and, of course, the iconic old stadium itself.

The Broadheath-based scrap metal experts had already enjoyed a couple of seasons as main shirt sponsors when a groundbreaking announcement was made in the summer of 2013 - Moss Lane was to become The J.Davidson Stadium.

That famous brand name, with the distinctive colours running through it, still sits proudly above the main entrance as the home of the Robins, and it is typical of J.Davidson that, in an age when stadium sponsors seem to come and go, their support remains as steadfast as ever.

When the historic deal was struck and made public, with Alty in the National League North at the time, J.Davidson contributed to the editorial output with a few observations that said everything about their unwavering commitment to ensuring local sport is the best it can be.

"Naturally, the agreement comes with obvious benefits for us as a sponsor," they wrote. "However, with this agreement, we were also keen to contribute to the financial stability of a club which is supported loyally by many of our customers.

"Altrincham FC has a very prudent approach to spending, vowing as a club never to spend money that they haven’t got. This deal will allow the club to really compete sustainably with the bigger spending clubs in the league and challenge for honours and let’s hope that, come May, we will be congratulating the team on reaching the Football League Conference Premier.

"Who knows where this sponsorship deal will take the team and what the future holds for our beloved football club, but what we do know as of today is that we are honoured to be sponsoring such a well-supported and prestigious local sports team and will be supporting them all the way."

We are delighted to be shining a light on their benevolence today as the latest subjects of our Partners In Focus series.

Business continues to boom for J.Davidson at their thriving hive-of-activity headquarters on Craven Road in Broadheath, but Harry Gibson found time to answer a few questions when we asked for an update on a partnership that is highly-prized by everyone at Alty.

Q: You have a remarkable record at J.Davidson for sponsoring local sport. Is that down to generosity, love of sport or pride in your local area - or maybe a combination of all three?
A: Well, as someone who has lived and worked in Altrincham all his life, Jamie (Davidson) does have an immense pride in the area, and he sees the club as an integral part of the town.

Q: How do you view the partnership, and how much does it mean to see your name appearing ever more prominently in and around the town and in the media?
A: To see the number of shirts being worn around the town, with our name across the front, and the exposure the club gives to their partners means a lot to us. It gives the company an invaluable exposure, and being allowed to have the naming rights to such an iconic stadium only enhances that.

Q: Can you remember when the partnership started and how it came about?
A: It's going back some 13 years! Geoff Goodwin, who was Alty chairman at the time, asked if we would be interested in supporting the club, and a subsequent conversation in 2011 with Grahame Rowley convinced us it was the ideal partnership for us, and everything went on from there.

Q: There have certainly been some marked improvements on and off the pitch since those early days - how much does it mean to a major sponsor such as yourselves to see the team thriving and being in and amongst the challengers for promotion to the Football League?
A: The team's success over the last four or five years has been absolutely fantastic, and it means a great deal to all the club's partners, us included. It creates a buzz around the town, which we love to see, and clearly shows that the club is in safe hands.

Q: It's obviously difficult with work commitments, but do you manage to get to games? If so, any particular memories?
A: Not as much as we used to, for the reason you mention - work is getting busier all the time! Probably the most treasured memory for me would be watching Alty v Everton in the 1975 FA Cup third round reply as a youngster.

Q: Finally, can you give us a quick breakdown on the success story that is J.Davidson - how you have gone from strength to strength and why any Alty fan thinking of scrapping a vehicle would be well advised to give you a call?
A: Following a move into our current purpose built site on Craven Road in 2012, the company became one of the of UK's first Authorized Treatment Facilities for the depollution and disposal of scrap cars and vans. The expertise built over the years allows us to offer a first-rate service and competitive prices, recycling some 75,000 tons of metal per year.

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