22/23 Alty Season Tickets

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What a time to be an Alty fan! A team gaining an ever-stronger foothold in non-League’s top division, a brilliant management duo of Phil Parkinson and Neil Sorvel wholly committed to continuing the upward trend and now a fully professional squad to help them do it next season.

Optimism has rarely been higher, and that applies, as much as anything, to making a success of this bold, momentous decision - the biggest in the club’s entire history.

It is a commitment that has not been taken lightly. The board acknowledge there is a risk attached but take the view that doing nothing and standing still would be a bigger one.

It’s a positive, proactive approach that mirrors the style of management favoured by Phil and Neil and is why the club are heading towards the 2022-23 season with a sense of conviction that we are on the right track and going places.

It goes without saying that, to make it happen, we need you all alongside us, continuing to turn out in numbers not seen in a generation and, if possible, pledging your support in advance by taking advantage of our season ticket offer.

A season ticket for 2022/23 offers unrivalled value for money, with the slight increase in overall price working out at the same amount per game, given the additional fixture.

Don't forget, as well, that free admission to home pre-season friendlies are included with a season ticket, and when the programme of warm-up games is announced, you will see that represents another bonus, considering the absence of home friendlies last year.

The club are encouraging more people to join the growing number of season ticket holders because it is not only beneficial for forward planning but helps facilitate the early implementation of decisions that are both responsible and key to the team's ongoing success.

It is also a reward for loyalty, and all our supporters are bracketed in that category, which is why inevitable increases in game-by-game admission charges, to help offset rising running costs, have been kept to a minimum.

From the start of next season, payment on a game-by-game basis will be £19 for adults, £15 concessions, £7 juniors and £2 children. This represents an increase of £2 for adults and £1 for concessions and juniors, with the rate for children staying the same.

You have turned out and got behind the team in almost unprecedented numbers this season, and the club are fully aware that support on that scale is crucial to continued success on the pitch.

Two of the board's main priorities are making entry to The J. Davidson Stadium as affordable as possible for everyone and giving Phil and Neil the financial backing they need to compete in the National League, and they have endeavoured to strike the right balance with the range of season ticket and admission prices implemented for next season.



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