Relaunched for 23/24 - Loyalty Membership

A new revamped LoyAlty scheme has been launched by Altrincham aimed at enhancing the matchday experience for Robins fans and giving them the chance to contribute directly to manager Phil Parkinson's budget for players.

Deriving maximum enjoyment from a matchday visit to The J.Davidson Stadium is every supporter's prime objective, and the club have given careful consideration to all the factors that combine to make it happen.

Ease of entry to the stadium may well figure prominently on most people's wish list, along with access to a bar that dispenses your favourite draught beer without a wait that would test anyone's patience.

The board have thought of all that with their latest package of matchday deals and have gone a step further by adding a unique new feature that will surely appeal to all those with a feel for the club's proud history.

If you take up a VIP or Elite LoyAlty membership, you will gain admission to the ground through the main entrance, the same panelled oak doors that opened up to the likes of Tony Sanders, John King and all the other celebrated names who put Altrincham on the map at the height of our FA Cup giantkilling fame.

That is the attraction on the table for next season as part of our new-look LoyAlty initiative, and it's available now.
The 90 minutes on the pitch is all-important to Robins fans, naturally enough, but what a way to build up to the game, striding through the famous old doors, down a couple of steps towards the tunnel then a left turn into the VP lounge, where a well-stocked bar awaits.
And there's more. Depending on which package you choose, you will receive priority access to Cup tickets and member events, discounts on retail purchases and hospitality and a public acknowledgement of your support on the website and in the Robins Review match programme.
These enticing offers for all home games next season can be snapped up now after the club took on board criticism that last summer's packages were too expensive and acted accordingly.
As ever, feedback from fans was carefully assimilated, with the club readily conceding errors were made over last year's pricing structure and responding with a range of packages they feel represents far better value for money.
The Patrons Scheme remains available at £50, and the club have now added a sliding scale of LoyAlty memberships, ranging from £75 for Premium and £125 for VIP to £500 for Elite, with the board committed to delivering all the benefits for each category, as listed below.

23/24 Altrincham FC Loyalty Membership
The club were intent on ensuring that those who back the scheme this year and take out a membership are adequately rewarded, and the improvements will include draught beer being available in the VP bar. Last year's take-up was insufficient to make investing in kegs of beer viable but the club are convinced there will be no such problem this year.
Indeed, there may well have to be a limit on numbers, so don't delay in reserving your place for a matchday experience to remember.
And while the club hope everyone agrees that the few modifications made will be for the better, the underlying message remains the same - every penny raised through the Patrons Scheme and LoyAlty memberships will go straight into the budget for attracting the best players to Moss Lane, as stressed by Phil Parkinson.
"It's impossible to overstate the importance of fans buying into the Patrons and LoyAlty schemes," said Phil. "The love our fans have for this club is evident every time we play, and this is another way of showing it.
"I know we've already recruited and brought players in, but there will be moments ahead, at any given time in the season, when we urgently need to strengthen, and that's when the availability of funds will be crucial.
"There are some fantastic benefits on offer, which is great to see, but I hope it also counts as an incentive to know that, by backing the scheme, you will be making a difference to the quality and number of players we can sign."

To sign up or renew your patrons or loyalty membership, please click here.

Please note: A physical card will be sent out for Premium, VIP and Elite membership subscriptions.

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