Away Travel Update

Altrincham Football Club is currently in the process of reviewing the Away Travel offering.
In the face of rising costs and a decrease in regular demand, we have taken the decision to amend the service offering to a regular 15-seater minibus, with larger coaches booked ad-hoc when there is a demand.
The review has identified minibus driver availability as the primary challenge in delivering a regular service. This has been particularly challenging for long-distance fixtures, which require two drivers.
We appreciate that more notice needs to be given to potential drivers, and fans, so that you can check your schedules and commit to the service.
Therefore, we are hoping to build a list of potential drivers who would consider driving the minibus to, or part-way to an away game. Although we currently have three willing volunteers, we do need to significantly increase this number so that we have the best possible chance of fulfilling the service for the rest of the season.
Would you consider volunteering to drive, if you were available? Please email to express interest, along with your mobile phone number. You will be added to a list of volunteers that will be contacted well in advance of upcoming away games, giving you the opportunity to commit to driving if it suits your schedule.
Key information:
  • Drivers need to have a clean driving license and have passed their test before January 1st 1999 to be able to drive up to a 16-seater minibus.
  • You would, of course, travel for free and have your match ticket paid for.
  • At this stage, there is no obligation or commitment to drive anywhere. We are simply looking to build a cohort of potential volunteers that we can contact to assess availability.
  • We will then contact you all well in advance of upcoming trips, giving you an opportunity to commit to the trip.
For our fans, we are aiming to post travel information a fortnight before the game is due to take place, starting with information on 19th November's trip to Woking, owing to driver availability.

We would like to thank everyone who has followed the first team away so far this season, no matter how you have chosen to travel, and encourage as many of you as possible to use the Away Travel service when you can.
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