ALTY FOR ALL® - New crowdfunding campaign gives fans an opportunity to join the journey!

Altrincham Football Club, the most successful non-league club in England and until recently the highest-ranked part-time club in the country, is giving fans a unique opportunity to own part of the club though a new ‘Alty For All’ crowdfunding campaign.

The fundraising campaign will run via the Seedrs online platform, and aims to attract large and small investment through donations that will provide part-ownership of the club. This will help Altrincham continue its transition to full-time and reinforce its vital place in the local community.

The club, which was promoted to the National League in 2020, made the transition from part-time to full-time for the 2022 season for the first time in its 131-year history. Fans who buy a share, as well as owning a historic stake in their club, will receive a number of benefits and rewards.

Altrincham FC is central to its local community, providing access to coaching and Community resources for thousands of adults and juniors each year. The new funding aims to increase that number and further cement the club at the heart of the community.

Long-term, the club has a sustainable ten-year development plan in place, including potential redevelopment of our Moss Lane ground, The J.Davidson Stadium. This includes refurbishment of key areas of the ground to transform it into a multi-use destination for the town and the community. 

Bill Waterson, Co-Chairman at Altrincham FC said: “We have a long-term plan for sustainable growth, with ambitions of promotion to the Football League. To do that while significantly increasing our touchpoints with our local community we need to raise funds. Unlike many clubs that may look for investment to pay down existing debt, we are debt-free and therefore money raised can be directly used for investment in infrastructure, in our community engagement and the squad itself. The Alty for All campaign aims to give our fans a chance to own part of their club, or even for fans of football to own a part of one of the most historic non-league clubs in the country and help take us to the next stage of our history.”

Visit the pre-registration page now to register your interest!

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